Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The GOP (rhymes with slop) wouldn't use hurricanes to further their right-wing agenda, would they?

Please spread the word about this current petition appeal from MoveOn.org about a Republican plan to fund Katrina & Rita relief by slashing almost a trillion from things like health care for the poor and elderly, student loans, Amtrak (hey, who needs trains when we've got unlimited gasoline and foolproof highway evacuation plans!?), even eliminating all funds for PBS (I guess Republicans don't like Bob Dylan documentaries, or Bert & Ernie's alternative lifestyle choice). God forbid they could fund vital government services by slowing their tax giveaways to corporate donors and their rich friends and relatives.

The proposal to use natural disasters as their cover for extending their attack on the last remnants of the New Deal and the Great Society comes from over 100 members of Congress, and we need to respond quickly to keep it from gaining momentum. I hope you'll sign MoveOn's petition, asking Congress to help rebuild the Gulf Coast by ending Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, not slashing important services. Feel free to add a note of your own to their petition telling these spokespeople for the rich and corporate interests of America that if they want to cut waste, then they can slash the fat from the Pentagon and start holding bake sales and country-music charity telethons for their B2® bombers, "Smart®-Brand" Missiles, "Bunker-Buster" Nuclear Bombs, and unnecessary wars.

Please sign here :
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alan s said...

TBL do you really believe everything you read on Move On web site. I ask you and them to post the proof. By the way if you think money cannot be trimmed from this Government than you are stuck on stupid. Could you show me where Govt. was created to provide you PBS. Why didn't the founder's put health care in the constitution. Weren't they providing it to the citizens back then. Your last comment shows that you must not make a nice salary. You want to tax those that make good life decisions and become successful. I have always been told the way to piss off a liberal is succeed in life make a good living.

True Blue Liberal said...

"...if you think money cannot be trimmed from this Government than you are stuck on stupid."

Alan, You need to read more carefully. Of course money can be trimmed from the government. The questions of politics are questions of priorities, and I would rather spend money on human needs than on more deadly nuclear-tipped phallic toys for the Bush Crime Family®. That makes me a liberal, and proud of it.

And I have been lucky in my life, made a few good decisions, and I am moderately successful. Most liberals I know are successes in their academic and professional lives. But that doesn't mean we want to use that success as a means to piss off others with our conspicuous consumption. It doesn't mean we need to hold onto every last cent we've made in order to save taxes if that means less money for schools and healthcare and social services and public transportation and yes, PBS, as one non-commercial oasis on the airwaves.

alan s said...

One thing I have a problem with is the amount of money this Government has spent on entitlement programs. Thats not a function of government. This adminstration and you know it has spent more on all those programs than Clinton ever did. Bush has become a spender. Hopefully some fiscal conservatives show him the error of his ways. I apologize for the stuck on stupid comment. But your Liberal Elitism is showing. By the way if liberals are so successful why do Bush's tax cuts only support his rich buddies. I believe that's and oxymoron.