Friday, September 02, 2005

La France offre son aide aux Etats-Unis, touchés par Katrina

Libération : La France offre son aide aux Etats-Unis, touchés par Katrina



Anonymous said...

They aren't the first, of course. Venezuela graciously offered money, logistical help and, of course, oil, within hours of the disaster.

Isn't forgiveness a wondrous thing?

True Blue Liberal said...

The most amazing thing is that these countries, and the UN agencies, are making formal offers of aid and they are just being left waiting for a reply. Can you imagine the outcry if our offers of aid were not only rejected, but ignored?

The French aid workers include hurricane relief specialists who are already in Martinique and Guadeloupe who could have been working on the Gulf Coast days ago, if allowed to enter.

This is a crime, that people are dying for pride in what? The Fucking FLag! Our Fucking Pride as AmeriKans?!

Anonymous said...

Oh how Liberals forget. We give these Countries Billions of dollars in aid. I don't want aid from France. By the way TBL your hatred of the USA is even more apparent in your response to stupid country. Again I offer to pay for your flight to France or Canada. What happened to the Cindy Sheethead Posts?

True Blue Liberal said...

Dear Anonymous, Do you really place patriotism above human life? Do you really think that nations shouldn't help each other in their times of need?
As soon as Canada, Venezuela, France, the EU, the UN, and many others offered to send resources and rescue teams, we, or I should say our President should have taken time off from his vacation and his speechs comparing Iraq to WWII and said "Yes." "Yes please."
When we put patriotism above human life we know we end up with more dead young soldiers in Iraq, but even as Unamerican a blogger as me didn't think that patriotism would lead to more dead bodies in the streets and homes of New Orleans.
This is a shame that will take a long long time to erase, and it's not unrelated to the struggle of Casey Sheehan's mother. There will be time for more posts about her, but not this week.

Virginia Gal said...

TBL - its not even worth your breath to respond to these dumb people who post on your blog about patriotism etc. I imagine they are all quite stupid and its like arguing with a dog, they will just keep doing the same thing, in this case, parroting their leader.