Saturday, November 19, 2011

WOW! You're Watching a New Generation Get Radicalized

Please watch the entire video, because the end is as inspiring as the beginning is depressing. This may have been UC Davis yesterday, but it could have been in any of the fifty states. It seems like I saw this exact same trasformation in America when I was in high school and Nixon was in the White House.

If you've watched this entire video, ask yourself. Does this video illustrate the problem of too few militarized police in America? Or too many?
If you don't get chills when the human mic starts repeating "We will give you a brief moment of peace" at the 6'20" mark, you're on the wrong side of the Occupy movement (and you'll probably get a 99% on the Republican test).

(Update: The main asshole's name is UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike. In their defense, look at how embarassed some of the other police look to be associated with him as the video goes on.)

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