Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 21 is "International Peace Symbol Day"

A piece on Truthout this morning entitled "The Peace Symbol Celebrates Its 57th Birthday, But Still No Peace" begins with this paragraph:

"In honor of the 57th anniversary of the Peace Symbol, I, Bill Berkowitz, fully understanding that I have no official standing, do not possess any super powers, and do not know anyone who will make it thus, hereby suggest that February 21, 2015 be designated as: 'International Peace Symbol Day'."

Well, I also have neither official standing nor super powers, but I have a little blog that attracts actual handfuls of viewers each day, so I'm doing my bit to direct you to Bill Berkowitz's history of the famous symbol and proclaim that it will definitely be International Peace Symbol Day for me on Saturday, and for every other February 21st to come.

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