Thursday, February 16, 2012 needs your submissions in redefining 'gingrich'

Newt is playing catch-up with "romney" (canine defecation in terror) and "santorum" (that classic frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter), and now there's a contest to come up with a definition for "gingrich" by the people who are developing  You can make your submissions by clicking here.

Here's my first crack at one:
gingrich (v.) Get going when your spouse gets old or sick (from the German, ging [past tense of gehen, to go] + rich [archaic abbr. for Zurich, the quickie divorce capital of the medieval germanic world]).
These webmasters need to hurry though and pick a gingrich definition and get their site up and running, because the GOP primary contest is quickly becoming a two-man race.

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Galena Alyson Canada said...

Nice one! This definition is a popular one (duh!), but your excellent etymology makes this extra special.

> need to hurry though and pick a gingrich definition

The journey is a lot more fun than the destination in this case. We can only hope that Newt has a personal billionaire.

The Spreading Gingrich