Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Primer on Hydrofracking That's Worth the Time

This presentation should be watched by New York's Governor Cuomo too. Even if he simply speeds it up and clicks quickly through the horrifying pictures, maybe it will cause him to reconsider opening up the Empire State to these polluters.

There is nothing "cheap" or "clean" about this extreme means of natural gas extraction and those of us who live in this beautiful state will NEVER forgive him if he allows this environmental crime here. The (D) after his name does not exempt him from criticism when almost every single one of his actions could be the actions of a Republican (gay marriage being the only exception I can think of).
The Catskills have been saved from corporate rape by one thing -- minerals were never found here in the past. The beauty on the surface and the pristine waters produced here are now far more valuable than anything that may be dug from below. I PROMISE to vote for the Green Party in the next gubernatorial election if fracking is allowed by the current governor. Maybe he should try harder to protect New York from corporate greed than to appeal to the Right - and corporate donors - for his possible future national political ambitions.

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