Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Quote of the Day from Rick Perry (... and a response from Pete Seeger)

John Harwood (NY Times/CNBC): You have this proposal to dramatically cut taxes for people at the top and you want to repeal Dodd-Frank, going back to the old system of regulation of Wall Street. How would you explain that to Occupy Wall Street? You think the previous regulation on Wall Street was adequate?

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas): Yes, absolutely, I think it was adequate. We had a bunch of regulators that weren’t doing their job. Here's what I would tell those young people — the old Churchill saying, you’re a liberal in your heart when you’re 20, and you’re a conservative when you’re 40. I hope what they will see is that America’s a fabulous country and it gives them the opportunity to go say your piece, go protest on the street. But at the end of the day America’s about having the opportunity to take care of your family. [Emphasis Added]

I could show the full video that accompanied this interview snippet, but who wants to see another Republican with a Texas accent displaying his greed, stupidity, and ability to kowtow to the people who pay his campaign expenses? I'd rather show something more hopeful, a video of someone who was liberal (OK, maybe Communist) at 20 and is still more concerned with human rights than the bottom line today, at 92, as he joins the Occupy Wall Street crowd in New York City. Most of Pete Seeger's friends at Columbus Circle singing We Shall Overcome seem to be past their twenties as well (as am I).

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