Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year [1986] "IT'S GOT FDR! IT'S GOT FDR! IT'S GOT FDR!"

Somewhere in the basement of a house in which I once lived there may still be an old VHS tape with the whole second set from this concert sitting on a shelf (of course, I no longer have a VHS player).

If I remember correctly, we had just bought our very first VCR and this concert was broadcast on a New York UHF station (because I don't remember having cable at the time). We got home from a New Year's Eve party at 2am and this concert was being broadcast live from the Oakland Coliseum, long after all the other prepackaged time-shifted New Year's Eve shows had been off the air.
This video contains "In the Midnight Hour," which was the first song of the second set, preceded by the arrival of the giant New Year's cake and balloon drop at midnight (3am EST) with the classic commentary from Ken Kesey and Fr. Guido Sarducci (a.k.a. Don Novello). Brilliant! What was Ken on?

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