Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are they saying "I Told You So" from the pulpits in Texas?

After today's hint of a minor bimbo eruption on the front page of The New York Times, are the evangelical churches on both sides of the Bible Belt trumpeting this "I told you so" to the Republican primary voters who have handed the nomination of God's Own Party to a sinner? Are plastic letters and LEDs being changed to proclamations of their candidate's holiness or clever skewers of the faux-conservative McCain? Are the blessed wondering if they have nominated their own Bill Clinton? Are the interns safe?

The story of the friendship between John McCain & Vicki Iseman in today's paper of record is actually less interesting than the reminders of John McCain as the sole survivor of the Keating Five Scandal. The whole article is definitely worth reading for the picture it paints of the closeness between money and power. The corporate jet rides (with their reminder of Dubya riding around on Kenny Boy Lay's Enron plane) are more annoying than the hints of possible romance.

Will McCain lose any of the remaining Republican primaries? Or will he continue to win them with thinner majorities than Obama's (keeping in mind that Obama has had a real opponent during his current string of 10 straight decisive wins)?

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