Friday, October 28, 2005

WHIG of the Week -- I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby , Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney and the First Indicted WHIG on this First Day of Fitzmas

On the first day of Fitzmas, the grand jury gave to us ...
one Scooter on crutches
(why did Dick hobble him with a lead pipe?)

Isn't it bad enough that he was named after Phil Rizzuto and that this is his view in the mirror every morning, and then he has to make daily genuflections to the man who makes Mike Myers' fictional Dr. Evil look like Mother Teresa? If it weren't for the whole illegal invasion of Iraq thing, you might almost feel sorry for him.

Who's next?


alan s said...

TBL as usual you think this will lead to others sorry it won't. Libby will also get off not like those 42 indictments during the Clinton Adminstration. Even Hillary was indicted. Were you elated when that happened. FitzAhole is just like Earle political hacks. 70 million for one indictment of Libby damn you didn't get the President. At Least Clinton was impeached and proved to be a liar. Happy I Hate America and this Country is what you really mean be honest. Something liberals have trouble doing. Yeah come back with all you guys bring up Clinton well he did set the bar high with all the lying and corruption they did, liberals forget that though.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh...Alan, I had a lot of trouble following that, but I just want to second the suggestion that other indictments are coming. Fitzgerald has implied as much and the evidence finding its way out into the public record seems to be painting a clear picture of separate nooses tightening around Rove and Dick Cheney. Cheney will have to testify for the prosecution in the eventual Libby trial, and god knows what he'll blurt to save his own ass. There are tantalizing links to Bush himself. For chrissake, man, read a newspaper.

Oh, one thing you'll notice if you do: You'll just about never see any reference to Bill Clinton. I'm still not sure what you're getting at by bringing him up. *sigh* Betcha anything though, if Fitzgerald or some successor to Fitzgerald turns up something definitively impeachable, you'll be among the first to suggest it's just liberals' revenge for the Clinton impeachment. Won't you?


alan s said...

Your Flag upside down shows how you hate this country typical liberal. Clinton was impeached and his wife Shillary was indicted. His adminstration had Monica, Whitewater, Travel Gate, Vince Foster , China Gate and trying to fund his library before getting Osama and that little weasel of his stealing documents recently to hide how Clinton screwed the pooch. France loves you guys move their and surrender peacefully!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right? I mean, there's no such person as Alan the Right Wing Radical Howler, is there? You're some kind of parody, maybe computer-generated, like a shopping bot?

By the way, this is twice now that you've challenged me to challenge you, so just for the hell of it I will: Hillary Clinton has never been indicted for anything, ever.

Oh, one more thing: Yes. America has been a generally nice place to raise a family, but there actually are days when I hate it. Occasionally. And I do have great respect for the French. So there.


True Blue Liberal said...

Dear S.C., Thank you for braving the world of Alan S. (and yes, as far as I know, he is real), the world where neither logic nor facts carry any weight (grammar and spelling are not highly valued there either).