Monday, October 10, 2005

The Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane has the number one record at Amazon for the past two days

You've got to love a country that has produced this pinnacle of American culture.
Great jazz makes me a lot more patriotic than any piece of cloth or martial melody ever could.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Monk was the master.

True Blue Liberal said...

Dear SC, Of course anyone who has ever spent five minutes really listening to Thelonious Monk in a small group or alone knows that he is one of America's enduring legacies to the world, but to have his performace from 1957 at the top of the Amazon charts for at least four days in a row (it's still there this morning, AND they're out of stock) gives me hope for our country, and the world. There are people hearing Epistrophy and Blue Monk and Crepuscule with Nellie for the first time! and their minds are being opened and ... they're becoming more human and ... it's just a wonderful thing. I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

BigBuddhaPuppy said...

I was on Skippy blog, answered the question about 3 greatest Americans...then scanned the other and other were the only others that had Thomas Paine on list.

So, I had to check out your blog. The first article on blog is about Monk/Coltrane new CD, which I am listening to at moment.

Monk, Davis, Armstrong...Top 3

Coltrane, Parker, Diz, Ellington, Holiday, Brubeck, Powell...rounding out top 10

Great thing about jazz, there are 100's of more really great ones...

Another question to consider which 3 albums would person take on a desert island?

Straight, No Chaser
Blue Trane
Kind of Blue

No pun on the blue...


spyderkl said...

Now that is some welcome news.

True story - the biggest favor my classically-trained piano teacher ever did was to hand me a copy of Blue Monk when I wanted to learn jazz piano. I never did get good at jazz, but I've been a Monk fan ever since.