Monday, February 14, 2005

"A Princeton Philosopher's Unprintable Essay Title"

Click here to read the article in the Valentines Day New York Times :
"A Princeton Philosopher's Unprintable Essay Title"
Isn't it about time for the Times to grow up and start using adult language rather than constantly reverting to euphemisms? Shouldn't they take this step if only because it will piss off all the Right people (i.e., cultural red staters)? After all, if Princeton Unversity Press can print "On Bullshit" on the cover of a philosophical essay and Amazon can sell it with that title, why can't the Times use the title in its review?
Click here to buy at Amazon:"On Bullshit", by Harry G. Frankfurt
The only problem is, is that the argument of the book (as I understand it from the Times' & Amazon summaries), not only makes me think about the "quality" of our daily political and consumerist discourse, but makes me worry that every word I (or you) add to the blogosphere is only increasing the depth & density of the pool of virtual bovine fecal matter in which we find ourselves wading (if not drowning). But we all need to hear ourselves talk, if only to ourselves, don't we?

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