Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If truth is the new standard, they'll also have to stop broadcasing Presidential press conferences and State of the Union® addresses

"As an FCC licensee, you have a responsibility to exercise independent editorial judgment to oversee and protect the integrity of the American marketplace of ideas, and to avoid broadcasting deliberate misrepresentations of the facts. Such obligations must be taken seriously and I urge you to decline to broadcast this advertisement."
--Michael Bayes, RNC Deputy Counsel
This appears in a letter that has been posted on GOP.com (remember to always pronounce it as "gop" not "gee oh pee") asking television stations to stop running "false" MoveOn.org ads. If truth is the new standard, then I guess we won't be hearing too much more about the Social Security "crisis" or military "intelligence" or the edibility of McDonald's "burgers" on the airwaves either.

Here's the link to MoveOn.org if you want to see the advertisement that got the Gop's knickers in a twist.

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