Thursday, February 24, 2005

"For the Sake of Our Children," by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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For the Sake of Our Children, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
During this brief inter-war period, before the Bushies start beating the next set of war drums in their runup to the 2006 midterms (after all, war is their only real issue), and before we're all totally distracted by their attempt to gut the key social program of the New Deal, we need to remember how destructive they have been to Mother Earth. Not just in their high-profile rejection of Kyoto, but in their appointments and the gutting of the EPA and their day-to-day favoritism of big businesses and their short-term bottom lines over our future and the world we'll leave our children. What the FUCK are the "conservatives" trying to conserve anyway? It's not our nation. It's not our world. Will their heirs really thank them for the extra cash when they're forced to live in a world where all the fish are poisoned with mercury and the "Mountain State" of West Virginia no longer has any mountains because they've been cut down to get to the coal (because it's easier than dealing with the UMW)?? Please read RFK, Jr.'s whole article and then e-mail it to your friends, or link to it in your own blog. I couldn't read it to the end at first. I had to take a break in this litany of environmental crimes to get my composure back.
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For the Sake of Our Children, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
I know that his father must be very very proud,
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