Wednesday, February 16, 2005

One Down, Three Professional Sports to Go

I can't say that I'm really going to miss all those drunken suburban louts in their Rangers jerseys after a losing performance from their hapless but beloved Broadway Blues at the Garden (actually, they're not that pleasant after a winning performance either).
Hockey seems to have slipped out of existence without a whimper of complaint that I've heard, but here's the real question: If the rest of the professional sports circuses disappear (baseball may be the next to go after 2005's home run king gets an unimpressive unjuiced total of 20 or 25 dingers), will the male population of the United States actually start paying attention to the idiots in charge of our lives?

And by the way, a belated congratulations to the rest of the world for implementing the Kyoto accords. We couldn't possibly be more sorry about what we Americans are doing to the planet, but we've been too busy watching ESPN from the large screen TVs in the back seats of our idling Hummers and Lincoln Navigators as we burn large quantities of charcoal, propane and bleeding red animal flesh while "tailgating" (look that up in your Dictionnaire Anglais/Fran├žais) around the local football stadium; we're truly truly sorry, True Blue Liberal

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