Thursday, January 20, 2005

We need a dittohead to pick the best of "The 34 Scandals of George W. Bush"

You can't read the Salon article without a subscription, but Truthout has it here: t r u t h o u t - The 34 Scandals of George W. Bush.

One of the things that you have to envy about the Right is that they seem naturally very good about getting in line and marching in [goose]step, but we liberals tend to avoid unpleasantries like marching and cheerleading and team sports and following blowhard radio hosts. So some of us are most upset about illegal wars and some of us are most upset about the suspension of constitutional rights and some of us about the rape of the environment and some of us about the reversion of the cultural clock to 1953 and some of us can't speak because of the tortures being committed in our name or are livid about the gutting of social programs to give tax breaks to billionaires. But the Right, under the leadership of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and Rupert Murdoch, can get together and climb aboard one non-issue like the "Oil for Food Scandal" and ride that Trojan Horse for all its worth in their latest attack on the United Nations.

We're not going to take down the Bush regime on war crimes charges. If it's done before the natural end of this second term that begins today, it will be done on one of these little scandals, just like Nixon was taken down for the coverup of a botched burglary rather than the bombing of Cambodia, just like Al Capone was taken down for paperwork irregularities rather than his murders.

But where's our oxycontin-addicted loudmouth to tell us which of these many scandals is the scandal that will bring down Dobeliou & his crew. Of course, tactically, nothing can be done unless Bush Junior's Spiro Agnew is removed first. As long as Cheney retains his place in the line of succession, Bush is safe from any serious attack (notice how the Republicans use unattractive Vices as presidential protection?). But this shouldn't be a problem, look at the list again and see how many of the scandals are more Dick's than George's.

And remember, it's Inauguration Day. Do not turn on a television today. You might turn to stone.
-- true blue liberal

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