Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Republican Party splinters from within

APP.COM - Veterans' groups decry Smith ouster. They're purging committees and getting rid of any moderates who dare to speak out for "liberal" causes (like VETERANS' benefits) and they're going to start overstepping just like the Newt did a decade ago. Veterans, like seniors, are generally well aware of when their interests are being trampled in the interests of party discipline and ideological purity. And Chris Smith is no moderate Northeastern Republican like Jeffords or Chaffee or Bloomberg or even a Spector or Whitman. He's an anti-choice conservative. It's not that he's not a conservative Republican. He's just not Neanderthal enough in the eyes of the current cowboys in charge. The current extreme-right Republican Party is now in danger of losing the Northeast as completely as the civil-rights-era Democratic Party lost the racist South, and I couldn't be happier.

à bientôt,
True Blue Liberal

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