Monday, January 31, 2005

From "Daily Negations"

Insecurity, Social January 31

He that dies pays all debts.
-- William Shakespeare, The Tempest

On January 31, 1940, law clerk Ida M. Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont, received the first monthly Social Security check (check number 00-000-0001) in accordance with the Social Security Act of 1935. Although Ms. Fuller only paid a total of $22 in Social Security taxes throughout her years of work, she lived to be 100--and therefore collected some $20,000 in benefits.


Crank up the respirator. Somebody owes me money.

This was the negation for the day as printed in Daily Negations: A Malcontent's Book of Meditations for Every Interminable Day of the Year, by Barbara Lagowski and Rick Mumma (Perigee Books, 1996).

We venture to guess that Ida Fuller wouldn't have done quite as well (or lived half as long) with Dubya's privatized Social Security.

- True Blue Liberal

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