Monday, January 17, 2005

The Primary Colors of American Politics (Yellow)

So, according to this article from the Library of Congress Folklife Center, the yellow ribbon does stretch back farther than that AWFUL song by Tony Orlando and Dawn that was impossible to escape for a few years on pop radio and television.

But that still doesn't make its current ubiquity on the back of SUVs and minivans any less annoying.

So now yellow lives in that apolitical area of "troop support" to which both sides pay easy & meaningless lip service, but more needs to be written here about the other two primary colors of American politics. Why are we liberals now blue, when the French press still colors the Democratic areas red and the Republican areas blue, to go along with the traditional colors of the left and right used in the UK, France, and every other European country with a sense of history? Did our current red and blue division come from some television network graphics department's unhistorical (or, at least, ahistorical) decision? If so, which network? (I'm not complaining, I like being blue for a number of reasons. Red is too bellicose for me, and it doesn't go well with my complexion. I've hated the color red ever since Nancy Reagan made it her favorite.)

Even though it's Martin Luther King day and I'm off from work, I don't have time to look into this any more deeply right now. Others in the house need to use this computer.

So, see you soon,
True Blue Liberal

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