Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wolfman needed for high ceremonial office!

According to today's on-line New York Times ("Bush Throws Support Behind Wolfowitz for World Bank Post"), Paul Wolfowitz (anagram of "Wiz to Awful Pol") is replacing James D. Wolfensohn as our nominee for the presidency of the World Bank.
Some will say that this makes sense because it's a post held previously by disgraced bellicose bureaucrats (i.e., war criminals) like Robert McNamara. Some will say that the appointment of Wolfowitz to the World Bank is just to make the appointment of
Bolton to the UN look less controversial by comparison. But look at the names again; it's obvious that they're just picking World Bank Presidents in alphabetical order. Isn't there ANYone named Wolfman in the Bush Administration??

Just asking,
True Blue Liberal

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