Friday, March 18, 2005

Expanding on yesterday's topic -- The Nation weighs in on the suppression of voices within the academy

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You'll see that the Whiskey Bar quotes I pointed to yesterday were not evidence of an isolated attack or two on progressive, liberal, and (godforbid) leftist professors, but part of a much wider and more organized attack on the one institution (the internet is not yet an institution) in which there is still some freedom of debate:
"Not since the McCarthy era have American campuses felt such a cold breeze--make that an idiot wind. And the new campus McCarthyism is made of much the same ingredients: thuggish intimidation, the circulation of specious rumors and [ . . . ] that least venerable of American traditions, anti-intellectualism. Left-wing professors of Middle East studies pose a dangerous threat to the new McCarthyites because they dare to open minds. That used to be the mission of American education."
(I love the reference to Idiot Wind.)

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