Saturday, February 27, 2021

POLL: What's the Official Name of Orlando's QAnon Convention This Weekend?


Here's your reminder that the object of abject veneration at #QPAC 2021 (or maybe it's #CPAQ) refused their invitation in 2016 and held his own rally because he was mad at #CPAC 2016's star and favorite presidential candidate, "L-Y-E-N" Ted Cruz.

"You have lyin' Ted Cruz.
I call him.
I nicknamed him -- lyin'.
I say ly - in'.
How would you spell that?
L - Y - E - N.
With a big [making double airquotes with stubby fingers while pausing to search for the big word] apostrophe."
-Donald J. T***p, Wichita, Kansas, 5 March 2016
This concludes your T***p University spelling lesson for the day.

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