Monday, January 04, 2016

You will know them by their elementary-school spelling grades.

I had a philosophy professor in college who told us that she would stop reading our blue-book exams and fail us if she ran across a single instance of the name "Nietzsche" spelled incorrectly. Shouldn't we hold those self-appointed constitutional scholars and members of #YallQaeda who are currently occupying federal property in Oregon -- but don't seem to be able to spell either "Tyrannical" or "Government" correctly on their printed signs -- to the same high standards?

This screen grab of @Ammon_Bundy's Twitter page was captured at noon (EST) on January 4, 2016.

Although maybe we should give these terrorist members of Vanilla ISIS a pass. Maybe their word processor simply ran short of the lower-case letter 'n'.

UPDATE 1/7/2016: It has been discovered that this @Ammon_Bundy page is a hoax, but the "tyranical goverment" sign is real, so I'll leave this post here.

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