Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Americans Should Never Forget this Moment with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell

I just heard that President Trump gave an interview to Pat Robertson today that will be broadcast tomorrow on Robertson's main vehicle for extracting money from the gullible, The 700 Club on his Christian Broadcasting Network. It's bad enough that CBN deals in so much fake news and mythological mumbo-jumbo that it makes Fox News look almost credible by comparison (almost). The president can easily be criticized for seeking yet another safe interviewer deep within the right-wing media bubble, but the president should also be condemned for lending respectability to this founding mullah of the American Taliban. The other religious extremist nut in this one-minute video from September 13, 2001 is the late Jerry Falwell, the founder of every Republican presidential candidate's obligatory campaign stop, Liberty University, where Trump felt safe enough to return and give a heckle-free commencement address earlier this year.

Neither Falwell nor Robertson (or CBN or Liberty U) should ever appear in the news without the following video from two days after 9/11 immediately coming to every American's mind. This dangerous type of thought should never be mainstreamed (but it will have an even stronger proponent in the White House if Trump is kicked to the curb in favor of religious extremist VP Mike Pence).

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