Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Someone Is Desperately Begging for Inauguration Crowds! Sad!

Yesterday afternoon I checked Facebook and found that Donald Trump was personally inviting me to his inauguration on Friday. It seems that the Trump campaign picked me because I fell into that exclusive group of people who are 1) Over 27 and 2) Living in New York.

I had to send the PEOTUS my regrets; I will be working on Friday, but I will be in D.C. on Saturday for the Women's March (I'll try to take and post a couple of panorama photos here).

At noon today, with just two days to Trump Day, I opened this blog and found that the organizers are still looking to fill empty seats and spaces on the National Mall just 48 hours from now, with this banner ad offering readers of free inaugural tickets. Doesn't he know that if any of my readers click on his banner, this liberal blogger may actually earn a whole penny from Google (OK, maybe one-tenth of a penny, but still, does he want to support the artisanal left-wing media machine at all?)?

UPDATE January 19, 2017 at 8:56am:
With the inauguration happening tomorrow, the banner ad offering a "Free Inaugural Ticket" was still at the top of my blog again this morning. He's starting to sound desperate.

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