Monday, March 30, 2015

March Is Going Out Like a Lamb (i.e., with fluffy and white snowflakes)...

...which reminds me that there are eleven months of the year other than the one coming to an end in need of weather similes.
Some of these may vary if you live in another part of the nation or the world where spring doesn't arrive with a blanket of the cold white stuff, but here's my current list of lesser-known weather similes for the neglected months of the year:
April comes in like a Dandelion and goes out like a Lamb's Ear.
May comes in like a Chipmunk and goes out like a Wolverine.
June comes in like a Caterpillar and goes out like a Puff Adder.
July comes in like a Mosquito and goes out like a Mosquito.
August comes in like Thermidor and goes out like Fructidor.
September comes in like an Itsy-Bitsy Brown Recluse Spider and goes out like an Antibiotic-Resistant Flesh-Eating Bacterium.
October comes in like a Rash and goes out with Full-Face Clown Makeup.
November comes in like the Old Bosses and goes out like the New Bosses.
December comes in like a Tragedy and goes out like a Farce.
January comes in like the Beatles and goes out like the Banshees.
February comes in like a Scimitar and goes out like a Sea Lion.
and, of course,
March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb.

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