Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Build "The Pete Seeger Bridge" Between Rockland and Westchester Counties

The unnamed "New NY Bridge" that will be replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge between Rockland and Westchester Counties needs to be named after Pete Seeger, the man who has done more than any other to transform the Hudson River from an "industrial river" in the 1960s suited only as a dumping ground for sewage and GE's PCBs to the thriving and living waterway it is (or is becoming) today.

Here's a video of Pete and friends on the deck of the Sloop Clearwater in 2010 singing "Sailin' Up, Sailin' Down".

"...the river may be dirty now, but she's getting cleaner every day..."

Today, on the day we learned of Pete Seeger's death at the age of 94, the Town of Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner suggested naming the new bridge being built over a section of river the Clearwater knew well in honor of Pete.  He said he would be sending this recommendation to Governor Cuomo and state legislators.  I'm going to be doing the same (and have already started on Twitter). Please consider joining in this cause. 

Naming anything to honor this great man would be the exact opposite of the current trend of naming everything in honor of the highest corporate bidders.

I've just been told there's already a petition started on Change.org: Please Sign It!

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