Friday, December 17, 2004

FAIR ACTION ALERT: CBS, CNN Mislead on Social Security

FAIR ACTION ALERT: CBS, CNN Mislead on Social Security

We found out a month ago that the successful electoral strategy of the current American regime (if not outright vote tampering) was largely based on wedge issues and hidden groups. While most of us in the blue states thought that we were voting about the (bad & unfair) economy and the (unsuccessful & criminal) war, there were large portions of the country -- often those who are hurt most by the Bush/Cheney economic and military policies -- who thought the election was about boys marrying boys (they sort of secretly enjoy the girl/girl variations if we're to judge by the favorites at their local video store). One of the real electoral dangers for Democrats and other liberals is from another group -- TWENTY SOMETHINGS. I heard one saying to another one in my office.

"... it's neither social nor secure, so we should just get rid of it."
I found it shocking, but I don't think it's a mystery. Maybe it was something he heard on Fox, or from Rush, but I think it's more widespread than that. After decades of trying, I think that the right wing of the Republican party has taken control of the Social Security issue in the press, convincing millions of people that this program that has worked since the 1930's for our parents and our grandparents and is still supporting itself, is somehow broken, and in need of immediate radical overhaul. THEY HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S AN EXAMPLE OF A SOCIAL PROGRAM THAT WORKS. The young are especially susceptible, because they didn't hear the decades of arguments in support of Social Security. They don't remember Ronald Reagan as President. They only know the network TV hagiographic cartoon of the brave Alzheimer's victim and Cold War victor. You know what kids? Here's a little secret. HE SUCKED. HE WAS THE WORST PRESIDENT OF MODERN TIMES (until you know who).

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