Thursday, October 06, 2005

England's error was letting Bobby Sands keep his name

Do you remember this man from his hunger strike at Long Kesh prison in 1981 and the intense international media attention that it gained? If you don't, IRA member Bobby Sands was a "freedom fighter" to some (including many Americans) and a "terrorist" to others in an earlier "war on terror." He and nine of his fellow prisoners died as the result of their hunger strikes between May and August and they tilted international public opinion against their UK captors.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and it is people in the UK calling attention to those same tactics being used by political prisoners of the United States government.

You would never know from our media that there has been a hunger strike going on among hundreds of political prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for the last two months. Even if we did know the names and faces of these men being illegally held under unconstitutional detention procedures, would we care as much about their hunger strike as we did in 1981 about the strike of a man whose name sounded familiar to our ears and who looked much more like one of us? Will it take a death, or multiple deaths, before this current apathy ends?
Just asking,
True Blue Liberal

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Virginia Gal said...

Thanks True Blue, you have hit upon a sore point of mine with the state of affairs in America, easy to kill people in far off lands cause they don't look or sound like us.
I agree with you, even if we did know about this hunger strike (how sad that I just learned about that from your blog) most American's wouldn't care. We are becoming more and more like the "them" in the "us against them" style thinking.