Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Major Frank Burns or Montgomery Burns? Which fictional Republican archetype burns you up more?

So, the question is simple.
Which of the following fictional Republican archetypes do you find the scariest, Montgomery Burns or Major Frank Burns?

For the benefit of those of you who have taken TV Turnoff Week to its logical extreme and made it into a permanent state in your house (for the past 30 years), "Monty" Burns (of The Simpsons) is the 104-year-old owner of Springfield USA's local nuclear power utility. He is greed and the power of unrestricted capitalism personified (think "Dick" Cheney with less pallor and a more "animated" personality). And Major Frank Burns (from M*A*S*H, the movie and the TV series) is a self-righteous holier-than-thou hypocrite (think Senator "Rick" Santorum cheating on his wife with Anne "Hot Lips" Coulter).
Which Burns, the CEO or the religious zealot, is really in control of today's Republican Party, and our nation, and which is capable of doing (or has already done) the most damage? It could also turn into a great parlor game, trying to figure out which prominent Republican matches which archetype (if Dick is Monty, then Dubya, of course, is Waylon Smithers).

I look forward to your comments,
True Blue Liberal
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Poll added on 4/20 at 2:30 est:

Which fictional Republican archetype scares YOU the most?
Montgomery Burns
Major Frank Burns

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hellonwheels said...

This is a tough one, but I think it's got to be Montgomery. And thanks for putting the picture of Santorum and Coulter in the throes of passion into my head. It's like a waking nightmare.

True Blue Liberal said...

Here's another image for you. I can't help thinking that Anne Coulter is custom-made to be a Nun/Dominatrix in the Roman Court of Benedikt XVI. New Pope and former Nazi Youth "Joe" Ratzinger has a thing for die Blondine; he thinks he can use her to convert the Islamiacs (or kill them).

That guy said...

Frank scares me more, definitely. That's probably because his alter ego is now the preznit.

John Lombard said...

I know Monty Burns is dangerous but that Frank Burns just makes me so angry. Also, I think Monty's greed tends to trump his other bad qualities. With Frank, everything's about being an asshole.